Rwandans travelling to Africa (Region)

General information

• No visa requirements to Rwandese travelling within the region (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, DRC)

• In case of loss of passport or identity card: Report to police/Immigration offices for an emergency travel document back home.

• If travelling using land border, be aware of unauthorized money changers as they may give u counterfeit money.

• Indicate operating hours of all land borders)

• In case of illness or accident: inform if you have any medical exceptions; inform, on request of the person concerned, his relatives or other persons; check coverage and insurance benefits.

• Holders of Rwandan Laissez-passer can travel to EAC member states and DRC.

• Rwandans can use their national ID or student card to travel to Uganda and Kenya.

• Yellow fever vaccination card required

• Travel agencies within the region through land borders include:

o Kampala coach (to Uganda and Kenya)

o Simba (to Uganda and Kenya)

o Mash Cool (to Uganda and Kenya)

o Modern coach (Uganda and Kenya)

o Mosh Power (to Uganda)

o Trinity (to Uganda and Tanzania)

o Jaguar (to Uganda)

o Volcano (to Uganda)

o Horizon (to Uganda)

o Matunda express (Tanzania)

o Select (to Tanzania)

• Airlines with flights within the region include:

o Rwandair (to all EAC member states);

o Kenya airways (all EAC member states);

o Ethiopian airlines (to Bujumbura);

o Turkish airlines (to Uganda);

o Qatar Airways (to Uganda); 

• Borders operational hours, read details here