1. Our Vision:

Building Rwanda as secure, welcoming and prosperous nation. 

2. Our Mission:

Create a secure and enabling environment for increased trade, investment, tourism and skills development, through a professionally conducted business and a high quality service. 

3. Our core values 

Our core values below are based on our guiding principle “People our Business”.  

a) Integrity

b) Courtesy : 

c) Compassion

d) Excellence

e) Flexibility

f) Professionalism

g) Vigilance 

4. Your rights as our Clients

- To be received, listened to and served with courtesy, promptness, respect and professionalism 

- To be given information you need to meet our service requirements 

- To complain to higher authorities 

- To appeal administrative decisions

- To be given priority at our entry points and front desks in case physical weakness. 

- To be served in a peaceful and secure environment 

5. Help us help you, we expect that you: 

- Demand your rights as a good customer

- Ensure your application is complete with all accompanying documents before submission.  

- Provide us with all information we request within the specified timeframe

- Provide the reference number of your application if you are contacting us regarding an application you have already lodged 

- Tell us if you have special requirements, such as needing interpreter assistance 

- Do not offer us gifts, money or other favours.

-  Give feedback: Feedback is highly valued as an indicator of our performance against our service standards. 

6. Online tools and Information 

Information kiosks 

Notice boards at Our offices

Television and Radio Talk shows

Workshops with stakeholdes

Client liaison meetings

Call center : 

News papers,

7. Links 

The links below below provides information on services and application forms:

Checking progress online:

Online entry visa application:

8. Feedback (We value your compliments, complaints and suggestions). These could be:

 *About a positive experience you have had

* A comment or suggestion on how we can improve our services to you

*A complaint if you are not satisfied with the service you have received, or feel you have not been treated fairly 


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