IT Consultancy tender

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The Government  of Rwanda  has  embarked  upon  an  overhaul  exercise within  the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE) and in keeping with EAC protocol recommendations, national requirements and international norms intends revamping  their  border  management  information  data  capture  IT system  that coordinates  migrant  information  capture  and  storage  and dissemination.  The Government of Rwanda also intends to pursue e-governance initiatives within in its passport and visa services in an effort to enhance and streamline the migration and data processes toward an effective migration management ICT system. 

As a result, the  IOM and the DGIE seek a consultant  to assess the  ICT needs of the DGIE  and  create  a  comprehensive  ICT  strategy  within  the  context  of  Rwanda  in accordance  to  the  law,  policies,  procedures,  structures  and  security  measures regarding migration. The consultant will be based within the DGIE and be allocated a government official as  liaison/focal point. This will also aid  in  the  transfer of  skills and capacity building.  It  is  intended that an  institutional  ICT strategy be created to guide  the  design,  building  and  implementation  of  a  sustainable  integrated  ICT architecture  that will  enable  the  DGIE  to  implement  the Government’s Migration Policy and E-Government Policy 

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